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To the South,

Hi Vallee Farm reports the strip between Eneabba and Badgingarra is now flowering 4 Acacia (wattle) species all areas. Lots of Banksia Hookerana, Grevillea pilulifera (wooly grevillea), large pink Thryptomene in wet areas, a few red Lambertia (honeysuckle), Diuris brumalis (Donkey orchid) is out for the enthusiast in white sand areas including Hi Vallee front gate. Lots of bright yellow Hibbertia Sp (Buttercup). In the sandy areas Hakea Trifurcata (scented hakea) with cream flowers and unusual sweet scent. On the Coorow Green Head Rd west of brand highway beautiful pink Hakea nuerophphyla a local species only. On sandy to gravel areas Dryandra carlinoides. The recent rain has bought out the common Caladenia flava or cowslip orchids in damp sandy hollows. The nerve leaf hakea or Hakea neurophylla on the Coorow greenhead road is probably at its peak. The Eucalyptus drummondii Drumonds gum is displaying brilliant white enamel buds. This is found at varying points between Eneabba and Badgingarra. This is prolific on the Vern Westbrook walk just east from Badgingarra town site on the road to Moora. Hakea costata or finger hakea is now out in numbers with their white finger size clusters of flower in sand areas. The very first Xanthosia tomentosia or Lesueur Southern Cross are out near the intersection of Coorow/Greenhead road and the Cockleshell gully road in gravel areas.


Lesueur National Park is still looking good. A whole range of flowering scrubs (the Hebertia especially good this year) along with smoke bush, black, red and green kangaroo paw, catspaw and lots of other flowering plants. Take a walk from Drummond Look-out to see the flowers or just stop along the side of the road.


Allan from Western Flora Caravan Park (20kms north Eneabba) reports: The Northern Heath lands are in show off mode ,from a few km South of the Indian Ocean Drive on the BRAND HWY Through to Badgingarra ,the white plume smoke bush mixed in with , cats paws , blue dampiera , banksias , Stackhouseia  (white candles)  Wattles , Hakeas , Lechenaultia linarioides (Tangled lechenaultia),Boronia cymosa, (pink boronia),Pink& yellow Verticordia,(Feather flowers),Orchids,just to mention a few that are in flower now .Over the next 6 weeks it will only get better.. It is this time of the season with so much flowering that it becomes difficult to name every plant that is putting on a show, so there is a lot to see. Wildflower tours at 4.30pm daily. Free of charge to those staying at the caravan park. Ph: 9955 2030.


To the East,

Perenjori: Wreath flowers - still beautiful displays, there are 25 wreaths flowering now approx. 8kms from Perenjori and150 flowering which are a distance from Perenjori. A few of the bush flowers on the side of the roads are flowering also. White Pompoms are out between Perenjori and Carnamah. For more information and where to locate Wreath flowers contact the Perenjori Information Centre 9973 1105.

Mingenew: Coalseam Conservation Park is starting to dry out, very patching. Not many bush flowers. For more information contact the Mingenew Shire Office 9928 1102.

Koolanooka Springs: everlastings starting to dry out due to the lack of rain.

Mullewa: Flowers are starting to dry out, everlastings are slowly going to seed. Walks are going to seed. The orchids are gone.

Along Geraldton Rd to Mullewa:

Stirlingia Latifolia – Blueboy, Conostylis robusta (Yellow) Parrot bush, Dioscorea hastifolia – Native Yam, Hakea scoparia- Pink Hakea, Hakea Francisiana - Emu Tree, Hakea bucculenta – Red Pokers, Grevillea petrophiloides - Pink Pokers (Pink ), Grevillea paradoxa – Bottlebrush Grevillea, Grevillea Hakeoides ssp. Stenophylla, Grevillea eriostachya – Flame Grevillea, Grevillea amplexans, Banksia Ashbyi, (Orange) Dampiera (Blue), Grevillea paniculata, (White) Guichenotia ledifolia (Purple bell flower), Solanum lasiophyllum – Fannel Bush, (Purple) Philotheca brucei – (Pink or white variety), Cowslip Orchid, Calytrix , Thryptomene aff. Racemulosa (Pale pink Heath flower) Hibbertia aurea (Yellow Guinea flower) Daviesia divarieata (Orange /red Pea flower) Rulingia luteiflora (Pale yellow) Keraudrenia, Ricinocarpos velutinus (Grey leaves pale Yellow flower) Senna, Thysanotus pattersonii – Twining Fringe lily (Purple).  Scrub flowers should last until end of October.

Stop along the way and check out the Nature Reserves.

Tenindewa area is starting to seed, it is very dry.


Along the Wubin road  patches of everlastings (for another week or so) Senna, Rulingia luteiflora (Pale yellow) Keraudrenia (Purple), Ricinocarpos velutinus (Grey leaves pale Yellow flower) At Wilroy Reserve turn off (Red Drum, with orange and Lime ribbons attached). Bush pomegranate just beginning and Dampiera and Grevillea - paradoxa Bottlebrush Grevillea.


Upside down pea plant, Bush Pomegranate, Flowering Pin Cushions, Rulingia luteiflora (Pale yellow) Eremophila Clarkeii, Dampiera’s, Keraudrenia, Ricinocarpos velutinus (Grey leaves pale Yellow flower) Senna.

Wreath flowers are along the Yalgoo/Morawa Rd. Heading south from Mullewa on the Mullewa/Morawa Rd, take the Gutha East Rd until you hit Morawa/Yalgoo Rd and head north for 5.5km. There are approx. 150 wreath flowers.

Carnarvon Mullewa Rd (North of Mullewa)

Wattles are flowering throughout district and make a stunning frame for the roads in the district.

Look out for the Orange and Lime ribbons, (Tied together) not to be confused with Main Roads, Railway ribbons who use one colour only) signify either a road turnoff, extra special flower or plant.

Remember to visit the Aboriginal Women’s centre and the Monsignor Hawes Heritage trial while in Mullewa. More info contact the Mullewa Community Resource Centre 99611 500.

To the North,

Oakabella Homestead has grevilleas out at the moment.  Winter Red Bells (Astroloma microdonta) Spider Net (Grevillea,  Roak Seoak Allocasuarina huegeliana & also Swamp Sheoak, Warrine or Native Yam (Dioscorea hastifolia), Thryptomene, Many varieties of Native Grasses, Damperia,  Common Fire Bush or Purple Lanterns, Native Tomato (Solanum oldfieldii).

On the highway heading north from Northampton there are Hooker Banksia about 10kms (both sides road) also lots of wattle flowering. Almost anywhere you stop there are heaps of purple fringe lilies. Lots of pink pokers, white & yellow grevillias along Binnu West Road.  All the flowering shrubs are out, yellow Guinea flower, Hakeas, white & green. Shire gravel pits on Harvey Road, NWCoastal HWY & Chilmony Rd full of all the above plus smoke bush, lambs tails, Mirabella. For more information Northampton Visitor Centre 9934 1488

Kalbarri: The unsealed River Road has quite a few flowers out:

Pine Like Grevillea – Grevillea Pinaster,  Howy Scholtzia – Scholtzia Uberiflora, Pink Thryptomene – Thryptomene Strongylophylla, Acorn Banksia – Banksia Prionotes, Boot Leaved Daviesia – Daviesia podophylla,  Dense Smokebush – Conospermum Unilateralis, Free Flowering Leschenaultia – lechenaultia floribunda, Yellow Plum Grevillea, Cactus Jacksonia and Guinea Flower

National Park & Surrounding: Nature’s Window – Loop & Z Bend:

Pink Thryptomene – Thryptomene Strongylophylla, Pink Pokers, Guinea Flower, Blakely’s Wattle – Acacia blakeelyi, Yellow Plum Grevillea, Cacutus Jacksonia, Pine Like Grevillea – Grevillea Pinaster,  

Coastal Cliffs: Wild Rose, Guinea Flower, Blakely’s Wattle – Acacia Blakeelyi  Orchids include the Blue Beard, Cowslip, and Donkey Orchid.  Purple Tassel flowers, Wirey Honey Myrtle and Grannies Bonnet in area.

For more information contact the Kalbarri Visitor Centre 1800 639 468

Hamelin Station in Shark Bay reports that carpets of wildflowers are along the NWC Highway and Shark Bay Road. There are yellow pompoms, pinks and some whites around the Overlander Roadhouse. Some parakeelya and purple swansonia. The wattles are all a brilliant yellow.

For more information contact the Shark Bay Visitor Centre 9948 1590

To book your wildflower tours from Geraldton call the Geraldton Visitor Centre on 9921 3999

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